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NTR As detective in #NTR28 #CheckDetails 

NTR 28 lo NTR detective role ? 80s lo Novel publishing rights konesina Trivikram : NTR – Trivikram combination lo movie anagane andaru full ga excited avutunnaru. Nandamuri fans daggara nunchi Trivikram fans varaku ee news piccha crazy ga undi. Aithe mana Website ki vasthunna oka intresting news entante. Trivikram 80s lo oka novel ki sambandhhinchina Publishing rights ni purchase chesaru anee aa novel ne ippudu cinema ga teesthnnaru ani. A Aa cinemaa time lo kuda ilage oka Novel ni base chesukuni cinema tesadu annaru trivikram. Ippudu NTR28 kosam alanti issues rakunda publishing rights kuda konesarata. Idi oka social message oriented one with hero as Detective concept lo untundi antunnaru. So if this is true NTR will be seen as Detective in this movie for sure.FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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