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AlluAravind Impressed With Srikanth Addala’s Line 

Srikanth Addala koththaga rasina superb story line ki impress aina Allu Aravind : Brahmotsavam cinema tho Mahesh babu fans ke kakunda movie lovers ki kuda Nidra leni rathrulu migilinchadu director Srikanth Addala . Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu lanti  film teesina oka director ilaanti film teesthadu ani evaru anukoledu. Commercial ga critical ga koodaa ee movie biggest plop venture.  Aithe Mahesh lanti super star ki loss icchaka  ika Srikanth career close anukunnam.Kani recent ga oka superb story line tho Allu Aravind ni meet ayyadu director Addala. Ee line and script with dialouges chusina Aravind  impress ayyadu ani telustondi. Allu ARavind started Geetha arts 2 for low budgeted films so he might give a film to Srikanth under it.If everything goes good this movie will be  getting official confirmation soon and the project will go on floors next year. FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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