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20 DC Soundtracks That You Must Listen

Mana superhero cinemas ki character development and action scenes important oh vaatikante manani scene lo involve ayyela chese soundtracks antha kante important. So antha importance unna soundtracks lo maaku personal ga istamaina DC soundtracks lo Best 20 meekosam. In case memu emaian miss ayithe please do comment them. and btw ikada post chesina order ivi best ane order lo post cheyyaledhu-just random ga post chesaaam.

20. Hans Zimmer – Flight ( Man Of Steel )


19. Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL – Arcade ( Man Of Steel )


18. Hans Zimmer – Terraforming ( Man Of Steel )


17. I will Find Him – Man OF Steel


16. Justice League Intro Theme – Film Version


15. Sucker For Pain – Suicide Squad


14. Come Together – Justice League 


13. The Flash Theme – Justice League


12. The Red Capes Are Coming – Batman V Superman 

11. Must There Be A Superman – Batman v Superman 

  10. The Dark Knight Rises Main Theme  

09. Everybody Knows – Justice League 


08. Day Of The Dead – Batman v Superman

07. Heathens – Suicide Squad


06. Gangsta – Suicide Squad

05. You Don’t Own Me – Suicide Squad


04. Wonderwoman’s Wrath – WonderWoman


03. Purple Lamborghini – Suicide Squad


02. Is She With You ? – Batman v Superman


01. Beautiful Lie – Batman v Superman

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