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​Telugu cinema yet again witnesses another routine saga blended with Allu arjun mark style and smoothly dealt script . 

Allu arjun stood on greater grounds in two different characters but he surely was unable to surpass NTR in adurs sastry mode.
Duvvada jagannadham has very ordinary story which is normal revenge drama with some childhood connectivity to the hero’s situations around him.

Still with the weak content The film has  all commercial elements covered up including comedy . First half , Dialogues from Harish shankar , Pre climax elevation fight , confusing comedy in the climax are bigger assets.

Bunny Dance And DSP Mark Songs Are Feast For Fans, Pooja is Oustanding In Acting And Dance Too

Surely could have taken better care at lot parts. Considering the starving audience with no movies season after baahubali 2 and zero ground competition currently in theaters, promotions DJ would surely achieve the target in revenue mode ..

Can watch it this weekend with your family and friends for Pre climax fight and climax different comedy. HITTU CINEMA 

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