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Dorasani Movie Review || DPVEU

Dorasani – shades of sairat Anand devarakonda and sivatmika starrer Dorasani has hit the screens today so lets review the film Analysis:- Story starts with a prisoner who just got free from jail narrating a live story of his friend Raju a guy of low caste and chinna Dorasani of that village This is all about a love story of Telangana regime where Dhora System Prevailed . It was treated well with narration although the theme was pretty old.It resembles sairat in many scenes although it is only flavour and nativity is of telnagana it is not that impressive Lead pair performance were decent and special shout-out to heroine for her brilliant performance Other poeple who played as side kick to hero were good with thier innocence Pros:- • Lead Pair chemistry • Dialogues Cons:- • Killed so much time to establish the story which tests patience • Slow Pace narration Its though to touch sairat in taking whoever it may be Verdict:- Decent debut for Anand and Sivatmika – Watch out if you have patience Rating:- 2/5FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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