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Kabir Singh Movie Review – DPVEU

Kabir singh – A worthy remake

After announcement of Arjun Reddy remake in Bollywood by sandeep reddy vanga it created a huge buzz in b town

Shahid and kaira were casted in main roles along with many people in side kicks

Kabir singh has finally hit the screens today and let’s look into the result of movie

As already said Sandeep reddy directed this story with passion whether it may be Ar ao kabir singh it was his dedication which resulted in a beautiful movie

Our view:-.

Shahid was perfect casting to replace vd in b town and he nailed every scene which was given to him. He lived in role of kabir Singh a passionate and obsessive lover

Kaira was good in her role as preethi. To be frank preethi role was improvised when comapred to telugu version. Kaira gave her best in the role

And now coming to most important thing in film story and emotions

Story of a doctor who had a great love story with bad twist was the layer of Arjun reddy and it was kept orginal if any thing underwent change then its was backdrop culture and some more boldness. Emotions were carried well by lead pair and shahid overtook vijay in certian scenes.

Bekhyali song was treat to watch for love failures and bgm was good

Shahid kapoor
Kaira advani

Length of film
Orginal flavours were missing
Rawness was not as expected

Dont comapre Arjun and kabir they were great lovers of thier own kind go and enjoy the movie

Rating 3.5/5

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