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Mallesham Movie Review – DPVEU

Mallesham – A inspirational journey

Mother is necessity of an invention

Priyadarshi starring film which is based on true story of mallesham garu a saree weaver in telangana is released in cinemas and lets see into analysis

Story deals about mallesham an saree weaver who is determined to make a aasu machine to reduce burden of weaving for his mother. How he acheieved his aim what struggle did he face forms crux of the story

Darshi gave his 100% as mallesham .cinema starts well and ends wells but in between there is an emotional journey of a man who is determined to achieve his aim fo his mother

He tries several times to make aasu machine in village but ends in fail after marriage he gets full support from his wife and moves to Hyderabad to achieve his dream in hydrebad his struggle is been shown well

Every actor played there role with dedication. Music was good and emotions were carried well by lead actors.Direction was nice and his aim to show such story onscreen is Appreciable one.

Lead performance

Some scenes
Not full comedy movie

Dont go to this movie for darshi comedy it is an inspirational movie with all emotions and laughs

Rating 3.5/5

Verdict:- Hit

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