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Our Take on Nakshatram Movie || DPVEU 

 ​The film which came after 3 years from Krishna Vamshi’s And definitely he put his heart and soul to bounce back and yes till a certain extent he succeeded 

•Nakshatram is a brand KV-Film with very typical character’s and all the Key characters are connected to Police background, Sai dharam tej who has special appreciation definitely a show stealer and lead character Sundeep Kishan, Tanish did very well to their role, Regina will definitely excite masala lovers

•On a whole Sundeep Kishan Has performed very well which is definitely worth appreciating 

Positives -: 

Lead Performance’s 

( Specially Sundeep,SDT ) 


Action Sequences 

Negatives -: 

•Lack of Gripping Elements 

•Slow narration at climax 

Yedo Miss Ina Feeling Vundi 


Verdict -:  ‘NO REGRET WATCH’ 

DPVEU Rating – 2.5/5 Avg

This Is Just Our Opinion

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