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Paisa Vasool Movie Review || DPVEU

Trailer lo Balayya Ni choosi Aa Energy Choosi Excitement Levels Penchesukuni Expect The Unexpected Anukuni First Day First Show ki vellina Balayya Fans ki Puri Recent Times lo ichina Debba laage ee movie kooda Migilipovachu

Story lo ki veltey, Cheppkovadaniki kotha ga Yemi Leni Routine Story oka kantiki kanipinchani, pattukoleni villain pattukovaadanike puttina mana Hero, madhya nadiche oka Routine Puri Mark Mafia backdrop story. 

Oka Balayya fan ki Kaavalsina  full Meals Anni like Balayya Attitude, Theda singh Character, Maas Dialogues Anni First Half lo full meals la oka item taruvaata okati Vachi kadupu Nindindhi Anukuntaam But 

Second Half Full meals thinna ventane gym lo 2 hours workout cheyinchinattu almost gaali theesesaaru. Interval twist Taruvaata second half antha predict cheyyagalige Routine Mafia Movie Ayipoyindhi.

Balayya’s ultimate performance and energy were over shadowed by Puri jagannath’s poor dealing with second half. He should seriously come out of that mafia template. 

Verdict : One time watch for too good interval bang, Balayya’s Attitude and Intensity On The Silver screen. May not do great at box office.

DPVEU Rating 2/5 

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