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RX100 Movie Review

Starring : Kartikeya, Payal Rajput, Rao Ramesh

Director : Ajay Bhupathi

Producers : Ashok Reddy Gummakonda

Music Director : Chaitan Bharadwaj

Cinematographer : Raam

Editor : Praveen KL

Rx 100 teaser release chesina mintue nundi ippati varaku ante date of release varaku manchi hype carry chesindi. Daniki main reason Arjun reddy laga teaser and trailers raw ga undadame.

Mari ee Rx100 maro arjun reddy ayindhi ledha regular cinema lagae migilipoyindha anade chudam.


Kartikeya really has got a long way to go in TFI each and every frame where he was present in the film has a great impact. His acting was very natural and potrayed very well. Coming to female lead Payal has done a good job with both looks and acting

Ramki and rao ramesh have justified their roles


First all the credit goes to Ajay bhupati film director and writer who wrote a different love story and executed it perfectly. Music director chaitan bharadwaj gave some thumping tunes picturization of songs was done well. Cinematographer captured natural village atmosphere with neat taking.

Analysis :-

From begining to interval there will be no much story happens but the way love and romance took place between lead pair saves the first half. Over all first half has shallow and not much effective climax.

Second half has some interesting and raw content especially pre climax scenes have been delt very well. The interesting twist in second half turns the film.

Over all ga a good film which may not be liked by all sectors but surely a good and bold atempt for both ajay and kartikeya

Positives :

Kartikeya’s acting
Lead pair romance
Twist in second half
Raw preclimax


May not apeal to all
Slow and dull first half
Dragged figths

Final verdict : Go give a watch for new age love stroy.

Hitttu bomma!!👍 3/5


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