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​SPYder Pre Release Business || DPVEU

SPYder Pre Release Business SPYder mahesh mania tho manchi publicity sampadinchina ee film pre-release business lo TFI records ni marosari break cheyabothundi Oka sari aa figures ni roundup chedam Randi AP/TG – 69.75 crs ( for Break even gross should be 110crs) Karnataka – 10.85crs (for Break even gross should be 22crs) Tamil Nadu – 20crs (for Break even gross should be 40crs) Kerala – 1.30crs (for Break even gross should be 3crs) Over seas – 25crs (for Break even gross should be 60crs) Rest of World/ROI – 2crs (for Break even gross should be 4.50crs) WW theatrical rights – ( 128.90 crs. for Break even gross should be 239.50crs). Satellite rights – 33crs ( Telugu+Tamil – 25crs, Hindi- 8crs) Audio rights -2crs. Pre release profit – Budget – 100 ( Approx) Recovery – 163.90 crs. Total profit – 63.90crs. ( Approx) Though numbers are not so Record-breaking in AP/Tg, In Overseas Market Film Is Going To Create History. Except Ceeded all areas have been sold. (producer has taken Ceeded rights on commission basis with distributor). Over all ga mahesh TFI standards Ni south India ki inko sari chupinchadu Spyder cinema profits matrame kakunda mana TFI standards ni India motham chupinchali ani maro bahubali kavalani manaspurtiga korukuntu All the best Team SPYder From DPVEUFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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