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10 Best Scenes/Shots in Telugu 2019.

Hello people, we are almost done with the year and watched plethora of good,bad,not my kind of movies this year.

However Cinema is an emotion for most of us here, few of us had ‘Edi ra MA Hero bomma’ FDFS experiences and few of us had ‘Malli inko 2 months underground ey ra’ sort of FDFS experiences too

Despite of the result we have few scenes/shots which leave a special impression in our mind for a very long time

So ala Ee year vachina vaatilo the best shot/scenes ento Chudam padhandi :

10) Probably this will be the best ‘Heroine Entry’ of the year

Samanta Entry scene from Majili

9) A Close up emotional shot right after a powerful scene – Adhurs ane chepali

Maheshbabu – Maharshi

8) This shot added more fuel to her characterisation just like how her character added power to the film – Ramp shot.

Tamanna Death Scene : SyeRaa Narasimha Reddy

7) Ala close up lo mana Ballaya Krishnudi getup lo vastunte annagaru gurtochesuntaru andhariki

Balayya as Krishnudu – NTR Kathanayakudu

6) Just look at the brilliant cinematography here in the shot

Movie : Ranarangam | DOP : Diwakar Mani

5) One of the stylish & authentic scenes from the film – Too damn good

Prabhas Final Reveal : Saaho

4) Too good visuals,probably ‘The best visuals-song’ of the year

Hoyna Hoyna song from Nani’s GangLeader

3) Oka shot lo intha convey cheygalama Anna doubt ni Vikram Ee shot tho clear chestadu

Interval Shot : Nani’s GangLeader

2) Cinema lo Ee shot ki prathi viewer same ah range lo heart lo arichuntaru – Baga connect iyna shot ee year lo

The Best Scene in Recent times : Jersey.

1)Finally ‘The best of the year’ mana SyeRaa climax lo Ee shot.

SyeRaa Narasimha Reddy : Climax Shot.

So these were the 10 best shot/scenes which we felt,comment if you think we missed any other best shots/scenes .


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