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Raja The Great Move Review – DPVEU 

Not many Directors Can Bring in a Flat and Routine Story line Making it an Ultimate Treat To watch.Trivikram and Koratala Siva are those Who Manages It Onto Great Extent, While Boyapati gives Feed to Mass Audience With The Same. Anil Ravipudi is One New Kind Showcases it with tons of entertainment and heroism. Out and out its Raviteja’s one man show. oka manchi performance vunna role  lo Ravi Teja ni chala rojulu tarvatha chustham.  Story vishayaniki vasthey routine story. Kani handle chesina vidhanam super. Manam blind roles tho sentiment and emotional movies chusam, Kani Anil Ravipudi oka manchi commercial movie ni Rasadu. Heroine Thana role ki Nyayam chesindhi. prakashraj, posani, 30 years pruthvi, Rajendra Prasad vunnantha sepu bhaga entertain chesaru  Inka cinema lo main roles Radhika, Srinivas reddy adharakottaru. mom ki son ki scenes chala emotional ga vuntay. Fights super. Blind hero tho elevation and herosim goosebumps. Plus Points: + BGM  +  Dialogues And Comedy Timing. + Action Scenes lo Cocepts Bagunnai + Yekkada Bore Kottadu  + Raviteja One Man Show  Negative Points: – Few illogical scenes  – Songs  Kudos to director Anil Ravipudi who perfectly blends commercial content with social message. He has done it again after Pataas and Supreme. If you want to see a new shade in Ravi teja and his next level of acting then RAJA THE GREAT is the one you are waiting for. One man show by mass maharaj.  Verdict: A must watch commercial entertainer, #HittuBomma  DPVEU Rating – 3.25/5 FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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