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8 Reasons Why Strong Contender Prince Eliminated From BIGGBOSS – DPVEU

Propably these might be 8 reasons why strong contender prince eliminated from BIGGBOSS

1. We felt that he has taken audience for granted and that made him look over confident.

2. He never treated deeksha well which might not go well with audience 

3. He was on less entertaining side but more on strategic mind which might be a disappointing factor..

4. Adarsh was always genuine with him but prince tried to impose his strategies on him

5. Discussing about the strategy and game plan might leave audience with wrong impressions 

6. Audience can take all the emotions and one need to control emotions completely this might be a good reason too

7. Safe game is clearly seen in most of the scenarios which also look very cinematic for viewers 

8. Somewhere everyone felt he’s playing game well but ‘PLAYING VERY WELL’ with utmost control also becomes a flaw 

Off note – The way he and Tarak presented his friendship with ADARSH was also very disappointing and bad and definitely sympathy goes on Adarsh now

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