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9 Best Places To Visit In Ananthapur District 

9 Best Places To Visit In Ananthapur District  LEPAKSHI TEMPLE : One of the oldest temples in A.P. which has a great history. Attraction : Nandi which is situated outside of temple  2.Iskcon Temple: Hare Rama Hare krishna temple tough it was started only years back it became a major attraction in district Attraction : Building style and lord krishna statue 3.Thimmamma MarriManu : It has been considered as one of the heritage sites of india it almost consists of banyan tree which was planted by mahasadvi Timmamma garu It has now extended around 10acres 4.Penukonda Fort During Vijayanagara empire this used to serve as second capital and a summer resort for great Vijayanagara kings Prashanthi Nilayam : Sri satya sai baba his divine has blessed the anatapur district with his charity and spirutal works  Babas prashanti nilayam stands in must visit places in Anantapur 6.Gooty Fort: Located near to Gooty busstand we can hav a amazing trecking experience in this fort premises  7.Rayadurgam fort: Another historic fort built by vijayanagara kings which is a must visit place 8.Satya sai museum : Loacted in putaparti near by prashanti nilayam.  This museum consists  of different devotional and spirutal monument of baba him self and other sacred things 9.Satya sai university : Baba offers free education from kg to pg for selective students under this university this is well built and calm place that we should visit Inka Yemina Miss Chesi Vuntey Comment Cheyyandi We Will Include Them, Thank You For Reading Our Article Team DPVEUFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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