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A1 Express Movie Review – DPVEU

A1 Express, the film that generated a very good buzz. It is a remake starring sandeep kishan and lavanya tripati. Sundeep kishan and team was seen with much confidence during the promotions. So lets see the review of it


The whole story deals how a sports minister tries to make profit out of a hockey ground in yanam by selling it. sundeep enters the story as a young man who keeps wooing girls around him but joins the fight against the seeling of ground because of lavanya who is so passionate about sports. What happened to the ground? Did people achieve thier goal? Who is sandeep and why did he come to yanam? How he is connected to the story? Watch it in theatres


Sundeep kishan looked so perfect in his role
He showcases a stellar performance and his all-round show will be the soul of the film.

Lavanya tripati was good glamorous and fit in a role of passionate hockey player. She performs her part well.

Rao ramesh dont need any comment he was terrific in his character his dialogues about the system will hit you hard. Apart from him mahesh vitta,murali sharma were good in thier roles

Director Denis did a splendid job here although it was promoted as sports drama he made sure that there were enough emotions through out the film.

Production values were very rich and cinematography needs mention as they were able to show the field drama in an excellent manner. Hiphop thamiza bgm was very good and even few songs got good response in theatre.


Sandeep kishan
Good emotions
Bgm by thamiza


Time taken to enter into main story
Heroine character can be still strong

Final verdict:- Sundeep boards his lucky express once again

Rating:- 3/5

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