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Agent Sai Sreenivas Athreya Movie Review – DPVEU

Agent sai sreenivas athreya – FBI in Nellore The new age Telugu movies are evolving good and today it’s Naveen Polishetty’s turn. Let’s have a quick look about the movie and it’s highlights. Analysis The motive of the team is to portray this movie in a different way can be observed from the scene 1 itself. As showed in the trailer, the lead takes up cases under the name FBI nellore. The lead character was a blend of serious and comical mindset. At times, he looks serious solving cases and on the other side, he uses his humor to pull out good comedy. The director has wasted no time as he had introduced the story to the audience very quickly. Heroine Shruti Sharma had been a good asset to the movie as she had carried her role well till the end. There are few interesting take outs from this movie. 1. The roles of Suhas and Masala Sundeep. 2. Music should be a talking point. Bgm’s in some scenes are so good that it added intensity to the scene. 3. The plot of whole story revolving around a new concept which you should go and watch it in the theatres. Pros : 1.One man action of Naveen Polishetty. 2. Each and every character played in the movie. ( Which had a direct connect to the story) 3. Music 4. Screenplay and direction 5. Comedy Cons : Some scenes can be handled better One line verdict : Must watch film as we can say this as one of the good movies released this year Rating : 3/5FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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