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Akshay Kumar Great Initiative For India’s Bravehearts

Freedom isn’t free,Somebody has already paid for it ani antu untaaru. Ala manam prashatham ga brathakadaniki chaala mandhi valla pranalu addu vesi manalni roju kaapaduthunnaru. kaani valla pranalaki mana busy life lo manaki theliyakunda ne manam value ivvadam marchipothunnam.

Atleast ipatiki mana andhari tharupuna (ala anukuni satisfy avdaam) Akshay Kumar indian government tho kalisi oka initiative theesukunnaru. Mana kosam mana desham kosam praanau ichina chaala mandhi soldiers details oka site lo pettaru. So, manam manam ivvagalige antha amount (Rs.10/- to Rs.15Lakh) akada list lo unna eh soldier ki anna donate cheyyavachu. Ala oka soldier ki 15 lakh amount vasthe athani name list nunchi remove chestaaru and aa amount governement aa family ki reach ayye la chestaaru.

Just think if 50 lakh people out of 125 crore people of india contribute 10 rupees each, it makes an amount of 5 crores which can help many martyr families. Manam chese help chinnadhe kaavochu but adhi oka family ki and manalni kaapadadaniki praanalu vadhilina valla kutumbalani save chesthundhi.

process chaala simple : Open BharatKeVeer Site and click ENTER and then click on PROCEED and select any one soldier/Martyr among the list there and click on “i would like to contribute” and enter your details and enter the amount you want to contribute and site will generate a OTP and will send it to your mobile number you entered and complete the regular money-transfer process. 

And,Manam donate chesina taruvaata dhaaniki aa site nunchi oka certificate manam download cheskovachu. Even if u can’t donate please share this article so that any one who saw the article can donate an amount that may be useful.

Article By : Surya

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