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10 Best Animation Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

Age factor tho sync lekapoyina enjoy cheyyagalige chaala thakkuva movie genres lo Animation Movies top lo untaayi. Alaanti movies lo ivi top 10 ani select cheyyadam chaala ne kstam. Chaala movies story main base chesukuni raavochu or fun and entertainment main priority ga raavochu or kotha techniques and new experience ivvali annadhi base point anukovachu. So, ila memu top 10 ani grade cheyyadaniki list prepare cheyyadam start chesthe chaala pedda list eh vachindhi. so vaatilo story and feel good emotions unna movies ni maatrame consider chesukuni (ala anukunna 10 kante ekuve vasthunaayi. So, mee favourite movie miss ayithe SORRY). Ala memu final chesina top 10 Animation movies : (both trailer and Download links were added)  

10. Toy Story 

Download here : Toy Story

09. Moana

Download here : Moana

08. Zootopia

Download here : Zootopia

07. Frozen

Download here : Frozen

06. Inside Out

Download here : Inside Out

05. Wall-E

Download here : Wall-E

04. Spirited Away

Download here : Spirited Away

03. Big Hero 6

Download here : Big Hero 6

02. The Lion King

Download here : The Lion King

01. UP

Download hereUP Movie Inka chaala movies miss ayyam ani telsu but ivi memu anukuntunna best and must watch top 10 animated movies. Comment your top 10 animation movies that we must watch and we will try to update.FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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