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Arjun Reddy Movie Review || DPVEU 

To start of with I gotta clear you ‘Arjun Reddy’ isn’t a film it’s a documentary about the imaginary character Arjun and trust me this is how you’ll leave the screen 

            The movie starts off with few gutsy scenes and then the character arjun reddy will be related to somewhere in our real life and then it goes off with beautiful love track which seems so real and then you have to realise after the interval cards how long it already passed and trust me you won’t be bored or disconnected even at a single scene in 1st half 

    The second half deals with depression of arjun reddy and we’ll definitely feel the pain of the character but somewhere you won’t connect to songs not sure because if we are so well connected to video rather than audio of songs or the unimpressive songs with a clam climax movie comes to an end 

         VIJAY DEVARKONDA rocked the character to a level that I forgot to speak about him rather only spoke about ARJUN REDDY, Heroine, Siva were very natural and real to the characters  

Either in Telangana or Andhra or may be in both states .. #ArjunReddy  is going to break even on the day 1 itself,including premieres

Positives -: 

• Very clear with story and narration 

• Screenplay 👌


Negatives -: 

• Song in second half 

• Drag in 2nd half 

Dont want to write a lot on Arjun Reddy This movie will keep haunting you for days and days . Especially to those who ever experienced true love for at least once in their Life time. Trendsetting film.

Verdict -: ‘New Age Film in TFI’ 

Go out and watch the documentary of ‘ARJUN REDDY‘ 

Hats off to Sandeep Reddy and Vijay Devarakonda! Vijay language lo cheppalante Gu*** Pa*la undhi movie!


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