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AWE Movie Review – DPVEU

Disclaimer: We are not intended to give spoilers, if in any case you think our review might spoil your movie please refrain from this. To begin with, this movie is NOT for regular masala movie lovers but A BIG YES for movie lovers and especially for those who always urge for different stories. After watching completely, we can surely say that no other title will suit best as “AWE” does. Right from the “Go”, you will be glued to the seats with just an expression “AWE”. During the course of the movie our inner voice echoes “AWE” many times but each time with different feeling and excitement. Even though we admire each and every frame till first half, such is the production values but we will not be in position to comment about the movie until we watch till climax. *****DON’T JUDGE BEFORE WATCHING TILL CLIMAX, JUST SIT AND RELAX ****** Coming to the performances, every one gave their BEST to live in the characters, special to mention about Nitya menon , Regina and last but not least Kajal Agarwal. Story demands t multiple layers of characterization and they perform with utmost perfect. As it has Smart screenplay with underlying social message. Nani and Ravi are just ‘AWE’ some with their voice overs, their voices will bring out laughs and at the same time makes us emotional. We cannot end our review without talking about director Prashant Varma who is such a talented technician and Tollywood badly needs such directors and story writers. He will definitely ‘AWE’struck you with his direction and smart screenplay.
Story Direction Production values Artists performances.
Movie might not go well with regular time pass movie lovers There are lags in the course of the story telling but can be accepted No commercial format/formula
Final Verdict:
Just Go and Watch the super “AWE”some movie to experience the smart screenplay with different story Telling. Rating: 3.5/5FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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