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Best Of Bharat Ane Nenu – DPVEU

Cabinet and Education system scene :
Government schools lo students percentage Every year chaala tagguthundi. Daaniki reason…. Parents andaru vaalla pillalu English medium lo chadivithene jobs vasthai, Manchi future vuntundi anukoni govt schools nundi private schools ki change chesthunnaaru. Ade avakaasam ga teeskoni private schools fees daarunamga penchesthunnaaru. Ala em cheyyaalo teliyani paristhiti lo middle class and poor families appulu chesi mari vaalla pillalni chadivinchukuntunnaaru. Appude CM Bharat Government schools lo Kuda English medium start cheyyaali ane goppa strategy ni testhaadu. Ilaage nija jeevitham lo Kuda implement chesthe education prathi okkariki anduthundi. Government must look at this.
Assembly scene :
Assembly scenes are one of the best scenes in the movie. Traffic problems and villagers face chese problems ni solve cheyyataaniki different ways and rules ni CM Bharat implement chesthaadu. Different villages lo different problems vunnai ani telisi oka decision ki vachi “LOCAL GOVERNANCE” ni implement chese strategy movie lo highlight scene. Ilaanti scenes lo Mahesh kanna inkevvaru baaga act cheyyaleru anela act chesaadu.
Pressmeet scene :
This one particular scene explains the contemporary media and hunger of TRP and definitely it’s a hard hit for all those section of Y – Media Article And Memes By Dinesh Gupta -DPVEUFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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