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Bharat – Bhai Strikes Again || Review ||

Bharat – Bhai strikes again Eid and sallu bhai epatiki separate cheyaleni oka combination. Every year eid ki cinema Release cheyadam hit kottadam alavatu sallu bhai ki. Ee year eid ki bhai Ali abbas zafar direction lo 3 rd movie ni release chesadu. First two movies manchi hit avadam tho 3rd film medha kuda expectations bagane unnay. So Bharat review chusedam As promised Bharat is journey of a man & nation together.who keeps his promise of keeping his family together. What this promise costed a 8year old boy forms crux of story Analysis:- Sallu bahi is the heart of film. Katrina kaif was good in her role.Cinema is definitely a roler coster ride with all emotions in pace.There are few scenes where bhai pulled with ease are treat for fans. Pros :- • Story is the heart • Bhai’s Style id acting • Loads of emotions Cons:- • Music is a letdown • Katrina is not fully utilized Final word:- This eid Bhai ki Bharat Rating:- 3.5/5FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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