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Darbar Telugu Movie Review – DPVEU

A film which released with huge buzz which is pretty usual for any Rajini film

Analysis -: Director Murugadoss somewhere lost his momentum with duds like Spyder and Sarkar. Darbar is yet another average film from this star director.

First half’s Yogibabu – Rajini comedy(Not too many comedians can mock Rajini on screen and still evoke laughter) and Interval block are a BANG ON(Anirudh helps) Here’s where you gonna feel ARM is back BUT HE IS NOTTT.

I was let down by the lazy script full of holes and contrived plot devices in the second hour. Gym workout scene is a feast for the fans..

The climax of this movie is an over-stuffed, nonsensical mess which ruined the entire plot.

Watch it for the Superstar’s Swag and first half if you are really free this festival season, Else NOT RECOMMENDED !!

Verdict : Though its a predictable 90’s format old wine story the charm & aura of Rajini might save the film at box office !!

Rating -: 2.75/5

Disclaimer : The above feelings of mine on the film purely goes through my Point Of View .. The same film might appeal totally different or completely opposite to another person. I here by request not to relay , depend on this individual opinion while taking a call whether ‘to watch’ or ‘not to watch’ the film.

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