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Disco Raja Movie Review – DPVEU

The film DISCO RAJA released this Friday with very good vibes Director VI Anand will be remembered as the director who used the ENERGY of Raviteja like never before Disco Raja starts off as a brilliant Sci-fi drama but it goes very regular towards the end. Interval block is a treat to watch and 30 mins post interval gives a decent high. Twist in the climax is an added asset(i bet you cannot guess it unless someone leaks) . Second hour couldn’t carry the high which is promised in the first hour, as Anand didnt try getting sufficient grip on the screenplay. With a peculiar story line like Sci-Fi action , audience would expect some edge of the seat moments and curiosity on the proceedings but director didnt focus on such things at all.He totally wanted it to be commercial masala towards the end, where audience gets annoyed. • Ravi Teja’s energetic performance is the biggest asset of film • The Retro art work is outstanding & it definitely needs to be applauded • Showcase of Songs is good • Writing towards the end is a drawback Verdict : Yes, its Ravi Teja’s Comeback .. But NOT with a BANG ! Rating : 2.75/5 Disclaimer : The above feelings of mine on the film purely goes through my Point Of View .. The same film might appeal totally different or completely opposite to another person. I here by request not to rely , depend on this individual opinion while taking a call whether ‘to watch’ or ‘not to watch’ the film.FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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