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After a gap of 8 Years much anticipated Jeetu Joseph and Mohanlal combo is back with drishyam 2. The film got an ott release on amazon prime instead of a theatrical release this time. Let’s dive into the review


The stroy kicks off from the point where it left in drishyam. The murder of varun and police investigation teams keep taunting Georgekutty and his family even after six years. The current inspector general takes special interest in this case and follows it up.

Did George and his family bluff the police and escape this time too? or Did they just gave up? Rest watch on prime.


This is a very much deserved sequel. Unlike many other thrillers the core of drishyam is its family drama. Believe me the family drama has worked out very well even this time. Mohanlal showcases a stellar performance through out the film. He literally lived in emotional scenes. Other characters of film were also good but it was one man show from mohanlal.

Jeetu Joseph writing and direction needs a special mention here for a brilliant script without any loopholes. Cinematography was good. Bgm by Anil Johnson gave enough tensed feel to film.


Mohanlal spectacular performance
Jeetu joesph direction and writing
Background score


Characterization of other artists
Court scenes were not up-to expectations

Verdict :-

Drishyam 2 is pulled off extremely well. Rarely we see sequels give you this amazing feel. Jeethu Joseph deserves all the praise. Slow pace first hour tests the patience and then the real game gets started. Last 30 mins is out of the world. Highly recommended, A worth watching sequel

DPVEU Rating : 3.5/5

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