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EVARU Review ||DPVEU||

EVARU ! Adavi shesh is back with another thriller.There’s lot of buzz around the film due to success streak of shesh Analysis:- Story starts with Regina (sameera) Who is suspect of killing Naveen Chandra (ashok) a cop. She hires vikram vasu dev (shesh) a corrupted cop to save her from trouble. Rest drama forms the story Adavi shesh is choosing scripts very wisely and thus delivers another promising performance Regina after a long time got a good role and she perfectly fits into it Ashok character is cake walk to Naveen Direction is ok and screenplay is very gripping Pros:- • The script • Scenes between Naveen and Regina • Gripping screenplay & twists Cons:- • Limited Set of audience might impact the box office • Shesh character could have been better Finally evaru is a good thriller with gripping screenplay and performances Rating :- 3.25/5 Verdict :- A Good thrillerFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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