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Gaali Sampath Movie Review – DPVEU

Gali Sampath – Movie review

Rajendra prasad and Sree Vishnu come together to give us Gali samapath turning Anil ravipudi as presenter. It is generating a good buzz in industry so lets see the review.


Gaali samapth( Rajendra prasad) and his son Soori live in a village near Araku. Gaali sampath has an eye on acting and very interested to become an actor. The trouble starts when his passion for acting upturns the dreams of soori and his love life. What happened to his dream? Will soori achieves his goals? Rest watch on screen.


Rajendra prasad garu lives in the character of Gaali sampath. He gets his name in the film due to air coming out of his mouth while he speaks. He nails both the comedy and emotional scenes especially in the climax.

Sree vishnu was good in his role. He performs very well as a son with broken dreams due to his father.

Comedian satya evolves laughs here and there as voice of Gaali samapath.

Heroine lovely and supporting cast did thier part well.

Director Anish failed to impress the audience but he was able to showcase some stellar performances by lead cast on screen.

It is a medium budget movie it can be seen in every frame so not much to talk about cinematography or production values.

Music by Achu was good particularly during emotional scenes but songs were not impressive.


Rajendra prasada as Gaali samapath
Sree vishnu
Some laughs here and there
Moving Background score by Achu

Stale comedy
Outdated story line

Rating:- 2/5

Final verdict:-
It is ok film one can watch it for stellar performance from Rajendra prasad but you can skip this one in theatres if not for this.

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