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Gang Leader Review || DPVEU ||

Gang leader review After An emotional performance in Jersey Nani is back under Vikram K Kumar direction as Gangleader. Analysis : – Story starts with 300cr robbery and it remains untraced for long time Gang of 5 women makes entry and seeks help from pencil What’s the relation between pencil gang,robbery and how dev is involved in whole story is all about GANG LEADER • Nani and his gang made notable performance • Lakshmi garu was good in her role • Anirudh Songs and bgm are good as usual • Production values by mythri are top notch • Karthikeya gets a very good role in film Vikram kumar wrote story well but struggles in narration this time but still successfully unfolded twists Pros:- – Nani and his gang – Karthikeya as dev – Novel story – Top notch bgm and songs Cons:- – Vikram kumar has fallen flat in narration – Lag at time’s VERDICT – Gang leader is a watchable entertainer which attracts families Rating:-3.25/5 FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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