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Happy Birthday King Kohli…

November 5 1988  A boy was born in a middle class family in Delhi and 30 years later his B’day celebrations are done all over India and he is the Indian cricket captain VIRAT KOHLI. We all know about his success, determination, Stats. But what made him different from other cricketers is his adaptability and we can see that if we see his career between 2014 – 2018. 2014 INDIA vs ENGLAND Virat Kohli career has taken a big fall during this tour. He managed only 134 runs in 10 Innings and everyone raised doubts on his place in test team Everyone thought Virat career will take a downfall from there but the greats will never give up and Virat is surely one of the great to grace the game. When ball swings at 140Kmph batsmen will have two lines in mind and need to judge quickly and require quick reflexes that’s why some great odi players like Rohit and Shikhar fail in tests. Virat also failed in same way in 2014 but he didn’t give up. Virat is a backhand predominant player so he is very strong in V-zone and goes onto ball quickly, which made him commit to ball quickly and edge it in 2014. Later 2014 he learned to play lately bcz playing late is best way to encounter swing bowling. In 2015 India toured Australia, Virat stayed a feet away from crease so that he will encounter bounce and can pull the ball easily. Virat was never a natural sweeper of the ball but he added that shot into his armour in 2016 SL tour. There is no need for Virat to learn that shot bcz he encounters spin well but he learned it to increase his scoring areas this will tell his constant hunger for improvement. He is a good T20 player but stats won’t show it till 2016 so in 2016 he decided to improve his six hitting capability and what followed is, he scored almost 1000 runs in an IPL season  He took his Physical fitness to other level and his mental strength also improved. He was able to convert ones into twos and twos into threes. He became a better batsman at playing short balls and was considered as best batsman by 2017 but still there is doubt whether he can perform in England or not. He wanted to play county cricket to prepare for England tour but he had miss that due to injury. 2018 INDIA vs ENGLAND  India toured England and everything set for first test and all eyes on Virat. Experts are doing predictions and Virat entered at crease. King rised to occasion and scored 149 in first innings and went on to score another century in third test. All demons of 2014 are buried and king has conquered the last land. It is not a overnight success he worked everyday from 2014 to reach that level and it payed off. His career was in a question mark after England tour in 2014 and he was crowned as best in same England in 2018. Hope he continues his success and win India many more trophies.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIRAT!!!!! Contributed by Sai KiranFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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