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Ismart Shankar Movie Review || DPVEU ||

ISmart Shankar – Ismart Review After a series of unbearable films director Puri lands with ISMART in his old good style Analysis:- Film starts with Nidhi agarwal research on hippocampus & memories of brain The story moves around double sim in the brain of hero & what he does with his double dimaak and how satyadev is related to film. • Ram’s Career best Mass role & he impresses everyone to the core • Nabha,Nidhi and satya dev were decent in thier roles • Puri is strongly back with his trademark dialogue writting • Exceptional work from Mani Sharma which is prime reason behind the positive vibes Pros:- • Ram makeover & phenomenal acting • Mani sharma’s music & bgm is biggest asset • Puri mark dialogues • Entertaining 1st with good start from interval Cons:- • Predictable & Flat second half • Limited audience ( Family audience might not feel comfortable) VERDICT – If you are Mass Cinema Lover then you’ll enjoy out & out – If not,then a good one time watch IsmartHit Dpveu Rating:- 3/5 Some Fan tweets for You FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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