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Journey of Pawan Kalyan – By a fan

Pawan Kalyan – A True Warrior By Gnana Varsha. 2014 March 14 : Party inauguration. One of the best ever political speech anyone has delivered from telugu states (Trivikram raasichadu annaru they also know no one gave that high) 2nd Speech in Visakhapatnam (Inaugural speech antha high ledu so Trivikram rasichadu analedhu) Met Narendra Modi (bjp ki ammudu poyadu annaru) Mla colony inti side velli akkada ledu ani telisi film nagar office ki tirigi vachi maree CBN met Pawan Kalyan . Alliance with bjp & tdp (after election party ni kalipesthadu annaru) Fought for capital farmers land issue targeted Jaydev galla & murali mohan directly (sakshi telecasted Pawan Kalyan’s political meetings live for the first time) First one to fight for special status in 2016 . Meetings in Tirupati, kakinada, anantapur ( no coverage ?). Ycp can’t utter a word due to cases. Tdp remained silent and accepted special package (cbn famous gamble). Tdp made the issue dissolve slowly stopping the protests. First one in telugu states to oppose demonetization (cbn busy in claiming demonetization as his own idea) First politician in India to oppose standing up for national anthem in movie theatres. First one from telugu states to respond on Beef Ban. Raised uddanam issue. No one knows the dark side of uddanam until then. Ultimatum to state government to respond within 48 hours and they responded. (Tdp tho unnadu anadam malli started) Fathima college issue.(No response from govt.) Announced himself as brand ambassador of weavers. Harvard speech impressed the doctors in Harvard and made them visit uddanam. They visited uddanam and gave final report to state government (Tdp tho unnadu annaru no proper response from state government though) Chalore chalore chal tour in Vizag, Rajahmundry, Vijayawada & ongole sharing his thoughts with cadre for the first time. Chalore Chalore chal tour in Karimnagar, Khammam Chalore Chalore chal tour in Anantapur. JFC meetings with Ex. Supreme court Justice Gopala Gowda etc and submitted final report. ( No debates/discussions in any media. They are busy with sri reddy, kathi mahesh, babu gogineni) Bashed tdp on sand mafia (bjp script annaru live in sakshi again). Tdp got clarity he’ll be no more with them in upcoming elections. Debates on Pawan Kalyan’s personal life & fans with 2 rupees artists reached peak in yellow media. Took a step forward and abused his mother and this media without any blurs or mutes telecasted them. Exposed true colors of yellow media (Debates in sakshi for the first time?) Started JanaSena Porata Yatra and bashed tdp in all ways possible including local candidates and issues. (Tdp favored media started stories he’ll go with ycp in 2019 in bjp’s direction) Rumours of secret meetings with vijay sai reddy and seat share with ycp in tdp favored media ? Both the parties waited if there is any chance of alliance. Released Manifesto. Met Mayawati (both the parties can’t digest this move started cbn helped for their meet though Pawan Kalyan has good terms with bsp from 2007/08). Alliance with BSP, CPI, CPM. Declared candidates.Started election campaign. Started targeting both tdp & ycp. (Tdp favored media showed only statements against ycp as a part of their crooked political game to prove he’s with them). Local tdp mla’s claimed jsp will be with them . Ycp started blaming both the parties are same. Tdp wants anti government vote going to JSP is to be polled to tdp again by showing Pawan Kalyan is with tdp. Ycp want anti government vote to be with them. There target is same to dilute JanaSena.. Bashed tdp again to give retirement to cbn. ( no coverage though) Ended election campaign on a high targeting both the parties and tdp contestants ( thota, suneel etc. No coverage ?) Trivikram speeches aipoyay. Party ni kalipesthadu ane rumours aipoyay. Bjp manishi aipoyindi. Ycp tho alliance aipoindi. Tdp tho deal aipoyindi. Okka proof undadhu okka constructive criticism undadhu. Just like that only agenda kill JanaSena. State lo 3rd alternative ravalante bayapadali. He’s contesting now facing two most sick minded parties in AP and JSP contesting for Parliament against a dictatorship in Telangana. Power kosam emaina chese parties. Neutrals have to think what kind of humiliation he’s gone through all these years. When he targets tdp, jagan associated media highlighted those. When he target ycp, cbn associated media highlighted those. But they never projected Pawan Kalyan as an individual. They want Pawan Kalyan to be with either tdp or ycp. They can’t digest his political growth. Those surveys to influence neutral voters they don’t even mention the name of JanaSena in the list One thing for sure. Target him as much as you can. Humiliate him as much as you can. Irrespective of the result Pawan Kalyan anetodu cinemallo, politics lone kadu life lo kuda bend avvadu #VoteForGlassFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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