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Kalki Movie – Review – DPVEU

Kalki – Good Old Mistake Analysis:- Story is set in rural back drop which dealswith gang wars with twists in the plot. Though the plot & story seems convincing.Too many characters and confusing screenplay is a flaw which leads to confusion Rajashekar performed decent as a cop & also handled sarcasm well at this age.Aadha sharma, Nanditha did well to their role Rahul ramakrishna as journalist was good and other artists played thier part Last 15minutes were excellent and twist was revealed in an engaging manner. But problem comes with screenplay which could be even more better & crispier PROS:- • Lead actors Performance Pujitha ponnada needs a spl mention • Backdrop was set and captured well •Climax • RajShekar Mass Attitude Cons:- • First half seems a bit boring • Too many characters • Music VERDICT – Over all Kalki is a one time watch Rating:- 2.5/5FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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