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KobbariMatta Review || DPVEU||

Kobbari Matta After shoot of years sampoo’s most awaited kobbari matta released today in good hype. Analysis:- Rayudu is village head who lives happily with his three Wives and suddenly Androidu a look alike of rayudu enters the village and how he turns the further proceedings is the story. ->Sampu gave his best performance till date. ->He really handled all the three characters with good ease. ->Kathi mahesh and shakila did thier best in the movie. ->Punch lines on Kathi mahesh are too hilarious ->Songs added more fun in movie First half is good with comedy all over but Second half is truly comical ->Lastly kudos to the tallest man behind this project ‘SAI RAJESH’ ->Special mention to director Rupak Ronaldson Pros:- • Sampoo performance • Sai Rajesh’s writing • Songs Cons:- • Few scenes might not appeal to everyone ( which is usual ) Verdict – KOBBARIMATTA is out & out comedy entertainer Rating :-3/5FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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