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MCA Movie Review And Rating 

MCA (Middle class abbay) Review: In Recent days doing a successful movie has become the most difficult thing and Nani after delivering two consecutive hits came out to have third hattrick hit  with MCA.He chose a routine story line with family emotions and love story,which is directed by sriram venu and produced by successful producer Dil Raju,Let’s see the plot and postives and negatives
Nani,A jobless middle class guy and where his brother gets married to jyothi(Bhoomika)and Nani hates jyothi for few reasons and feels she treats him as slave Nani then falls in love with Pallavi The the way he deals with  siva sakthi(villian) and resolves him is the plot
• Nani as middle class abbay • Bhoomika performance • Entertaining 1st Half and few love scenes 
• Routine story line • Below par production values • BGM  • Flat second half
Final verdict:
Though the main template of story is to show middle class emotions,but director completely lost it by mixing it with regular drama NanI could have chosen a better story and yes it’s definitely need of the hour for Nani to get a makeover in his style and character • MCA is a routine family drama with emotions if this is your cup of tea then go for it  DPVEU RATING – 2.75/5FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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