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Mersal Movie Review – DPVEU

Teaser tho mottam south india antha oka look vesukune la expectations penchina MERSAL team Ah Expectations Ni Thattukoni Nilabadindho Ledo chuddam. Shankar assistant anna name unna ATLEE nijam ga ne chaala scenes lo shankar cinemas gurthuchestaadu. Singapore laanti country lo 7% GST tho kooda Poor ki kaavalsina medical facilities andhubaatulo unnayi kaani 28% pettukuni manaki endhuku medical system lo intha back unnam anna point stress chesi oka manchi social message oriented film present cheddam anukunna ATLEE commercialization ane circle lo padadam valla cinema ni inkoka way ki theesukuni vellipoyaadu.. Vijay laanti oka star material ni handle cheyyadam ante story tho paatu audience huge elevation scenes expect chestaaru kabatti avanni aalochinchukune cinema ki scenes raasukovaali. Ee vishayam lo story part varaku atlee and Vijayendra prasad garu success ayina commercial elements valla cinema ki drag vachi movie ki oka kind of Negative impact vachesindhi So ipudu positives and negatives gurinchi Matladukunte.. Positives : 1. Konni elevation scenes lo vijay screen presence and Atlee deal chesina way chaala baagundhi. 2. Cinema ki vijay main asset anukunte next maatram music AR RAHMAN and CINEMATOGRAPHY  G.K.VISHNU ????  elevation scenes ki rahman gari Re-Recording and BGM and aa scenes ni capture cheyyadam lo vishnu ki 10/10 ivvochu. 3. Cheppali anukunna message and culture anna point ni stress cheyyadam and konni hard hitting dialogues. 4. Kudos to vijay for selecting stories which are conveying social elements Negatives:  1. Definitely 3hrs duration is a flaw where people might feel disconnected and second half narration – A big blow to the core plot. 2. Limited scope for Heroines ( samanta, kajal and Nithya menon ) is also a disappointing factor. 3. Songs and few irrelevant and illogical scenes placement in second half will definitely test Audience patience. 4. Expectations is another huge factor that’ll make audience feel low while watching the film. 5. Somewhere everyone will feel the plot could be dealt even more better  Verdict : One time Watch  If you are Thalapathy Vijay fan movie may offer you some good elevation scenes which you might enjoy and if you belongs to Normal audience Sector this movie offers a social message oriented plot which gone wrong because of commercialization and will be a ONE TIME WATCH. Rating – 2.75/5 (Reviews are purely based on a single individual opinion. So, Don’t judge or Get an opinion about the film. Go and watch the film in theaters. )FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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