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Mersal Vs Modi – Current Trending Topic – Questions and Answers

#MersalVsModi idhi ipudu national wide national media lo baaga trend avuthunna latest issue. Asalu konni saarlu konni issues entha senseless ga start avutaayo and avi entha dhooram veltaayo expect cheyyalemu. Ala start ayina and trend ayyina issues lo ipudu idhi okati. Reason : Mersal (Adhirindhi) Cinema climax lo vijay cheppina oka dialogue and existing GST ni comment chesina way. Singapore laanti countries lo 7% GST tho free medical services provide chesthunna government ikada India lo 28% pay chesthunna kooda endhuku oka common person ki kaavalsina minimum facilities kooda provide cheyyalakepothundhi ani. So ee vishayam lo eh side nunchunna thappe anedhi maa point. Like,background checks lekunda CINEMA ane oka powerful medium use chesukuni wrong facts janalaki ivvadam oka thappu and cheppalanukunna manchi message ni vadhilesi unna loop holes meedha maatrame concentrate chesi main issue ni deviate chesthunna inkoka sector of people (case vesi hadavidi chesthunna batch) kooda thappe. So, ee vishayam lo clarity kante chaala mandhi pile up ayipothunna questions tho ne mundhuku velthunnaru. So, Alaanti konni questions and vaatiki memu ivvagalige answers. Question : India lo 28% adhe western countries lo chaala thakkuva undhi. Vallaki medical facilities unnayi but mana dhaggara private dhopidi ekkuva undhi. Why ? First manam oka vishayam gurthupettukovaali. GST anedhi start ayyi 2 quarters avuthundhi. Intha thakkuva time lo change raavali or kaavali anukovadam entha varaku correct ? And, Even the developed countries you mentioned akada ee concept enno years ga nadusthundhi. So,How can we compare ?   Question : Why can’t we get free medical facilities like in other countries ? Movie choosina taruvaata or aa dialogues gurinchi vinna taruvaata chaala mandhi foolish ga adagadam start chesina question idhi. So answer chese mundhu oka question adagaali. Asalu eh country free ga medicine/medical facilities offer chesthundhi ? Inka cheppali ante mana dhaggare free heart operations ani or idhi adhi ani government nunchi edho oka freebies unnayi and free service isthunna hospitals and doctors unnaru both public and private firms lo. And, manam medical tourism ane oka maata vini untaam. India ki operations and treatment kosam vache foreigners chaala ekkuva just because compared to any other country we offer almost every surgery at lower costs and with higher success rate.   Question : Like Vijay said, Doctors should offer treatment with least profits (Like he stated in movie treatment can be offered for rs.5/- ) Random ga oka doctor ni adagandi. Profits primary kaadhu but asalu least profits consider chesukuni meeru mee occupation continue cheyyalera ani. Vallu iche first answer mee mee regular jobs lo meeru oka salary oka profit expect chesthunapadu why can’t we ane answer eh vasthundhi. Still vallu chese pani lo unna kastaalu vaallaki unnayi. And, manam regular ga news choosthune untaam fees kooda theesukokunda chaala mandhi doctors free camps and treatments cheyyadam. So, oka cinema choosi oka profession ni simple ga comment cheyyadam entha varaku correct ?   Question : We re paying taxes higher than anyone else. Why can’t we question when we don’t get the benefits that we should get ? Adagandi. adhi prathi citizen prime right. kaani adhi evaro okaru oka cinema form lo or oka controversial statement ichinapudu maatrame avvakoodadhu. neeku kastam kaluguthundhi or nastam jaruguthundhi ante nee voice raise cheyyadam thappu kaadhu.   Question:  Alcohol meedha veyyani GST aavasaram ayina medical facilities meedha entha varaku correct? (ee question pedda blunder but still chaala mandhi aduguthunna questions lo idhi okati) It’s a lie that Singapore is giving free medical care to ppl with 7% GST. 8-10.5% of income of the people is taxed seperately by government to provide the medical service to the people. Also liquor is not in GST because the max slab in GST is 40% and current tax on liquor is 58%(centre + state). So, Final ga memu cheppali anukunedhi okate. Cinema lo unna okka dialogue ni base chesukuni sync leni ilaanti issues cheyyadam and adhe ipudu athi pedda problem anattu issues create cheyyadam avasaram ledhu. Hope everyone who are supporting and also against the issue understands this. End of the day Cinema ni Cinema la treat cheyyandi. #TeamDPVEU Read Balaji Viswanathan's answer to How is Singapore able to provide free medical care to its citizens with 7% GST whereas India is unable to provide it with 28% GST? on QuoraFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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