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[Must Read] Overcoming all odds-An inspirational story

A renowned statement which we always come across is Having no compassion against disability is itself a disability.Whoever said this they deserve a special place in history of humanity.   All this pretext is to introduce you to Nikhila Chalamalasetty –  A differently abled person. It’s wrong to use the word disability because the talent is beyond all the odds.   Do you ever felt of bad of not having something that others does ? Definitely everyone of us do feel,but have you ever imagined the situation of differently abled persons and here is a story who overcome all the odds and gave a flight to her thoughts.   Nikhila who is also a physically disabled women stood up against all the odds in her life become a successful blogger and wrote a book ‘The day I started flying‘ . The book talks about her disability  and how hard she tried to reach all her destinations.     In the book she clearly stated her views on other people like “They show sympathy,make you week and make you feel that that you are not capable of doing some things. Just stop admitting things like that they only bring negative in your life and nothing else. Dream big whether you can do it or not just don’t loose your hope”.     The book got launched in her home town Vijayawada in presence of renowned Paralympic Athlete “Baljeet Kaur” who is herself a motivation to many people and has proved that nothing can stop her from flying and achieving her dreams and Nikhil Chandani, an author and GV Purnachand, a renowned writer and Padamshree Turlapati Kamana Rao, senior journalist were the special guest for the event.       If possible, Please buy the book and let us know your valuable feedback. Link of the book – AmazonFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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