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Naandhi Movie Review – DPVEU

Director Vinay Kanaka medala made an intense drama with some restraints. Despite few limitations, there are many lovable things about NAANDI.


In movie, naresh is a prisoner who was given a death sentence for a crime that he didn’t commit. Story revolves around questions like why naresh is in jail? Did he prove his innocence? Who helps him to get out of all the fuss? Did real culprits get punished? Watch it on the big screen to know.


Naresh lives in the role of a death sentence bearing prisoner. He perfectly showcases that taruma. His performance needs a very big round of applause. His efforts for the comeback can be seen on screen.

Apart from naresh, varalaxmi sarathkumar needs a special mention. She was terrific in her role as lawyer. She has got great screen presence and delivers a stellar performance.

Director Vinay Kanaka medala made an intense First half of the film gets a great realistic approach where you can see Allari Naresh’s extreme performance. Second half falls flat where it becomes an overstuffed primetime commercial/ heroism saga that underuses the talents of the lead. On a whole Naandi is a heartfelt journey with a hurried climax.


• Allari naresh and varalaxmi top notch performances
• Sarathkumar show stealing performance
Good twists
• High on emotions
• Gripping screenplay


• Lag in 2nd half
• Other actors are left under utilizied


One time watch – Recommended if you are looking out for an emotional and engaging drama… అల్లరి నరేశ్ అద్భుత సెకండ్ ఇన్నింగ్స్ కి సరైన ‘ నాంది !!


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