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#Nawaab Review – A ManiRatnam’s Strong Comeback #ChekkaChivanthaVaanam

Article Contributed By : Manoj Why Mani Ratnam is a Maverick ? He is a specialist in presenting a film in a unique way with his style of conversations. A Non-Spoiler review If you have seen the trailer. You can guess that movie is about Power and Greed. In fact the first half of the film is nothing but the plot built on what was shown in the trailer but it is engaging yet less describing and leaves us with enough questions and guesses. 2nd half is where the main plot pitches in and totally relies on actors performances and they reflected their characters according to the drama realistically well. Character wise it is emotionally under written. It is dragged in some places in second half but it needs that type of coating and ends on a good note. Coming to the technicalities Santosh Sivan sir as usually doesn’t use unnecessary lights but presents well and tells us why he is master in visual presentation. And the main asset AR Rahman the man of re-recording strikes out of the park. His music speaks a ton about the silence on screen. Special mention to the Sound track and Score. When you have star studded cast sometimes we don’t utilise them properly. But Mani sir is master in this craft called using an actor. All the leads has their own space. As usually Vijay Sethupathi rocked it. Arvind swamy plays his role convincingly . Simbu charms well on screen and draws attention in every frame. What’s surprising for me is Arun Vijay’s acting he is just fire on screen with his attitude. Though female lead doesn’t have much space to act Jyothika and Jayasudha plays their characters to the ‘T’, the only characters who connects us emotionally. Aishwarya Rajesh character is well defined in just few scenes. Aditi Rao doesn’t have scope to act and at times makes us think is she is a prop. Nawaab doesn’t glorify the gangsters which our makers generally does in films, but connects us with the sinful human nature and betrayal with a pacy screenplay. Not even in a single frame mani ratnam elevates any hero. I suggest you to go for it and If you are a movie lover don’t miss it. FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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