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Analysis : NINNU KORI Story  is not new but the screenplay would have been little fast in the first half atleast. Heroine was potrayed as villian in lot of elements which would hurt us. Nani worked out great time.Comedy moved on the film into hit range.
Debut Director Shiva succeeded in making a very clean film. ‘Ninnu Kori’ is a classy film with a lag faced first half and a good speeded second half. 
Good dialogues, Classy songs, Awesome visuals were shoot Upto 65-70%

 Though the love track in first half looks good it could have been better 

Performances -: 
Nani – Proven Actor nani is like as always natural and very suited for the role he choose and the climax scene will definitely be one of the best in his career 
Nivetha Thomas –  Nivetha is so cute and managed her best as Wife , Lover at the same time. She will definitely be a good asset for the film-Performed very well in emotional scenes 

Aadhi,Prudhvi Raj,Murali Sharma did their best in respective roles 
Positives -:
1)Nani, Nivetha’s Extraordinary performances

2) Strong second half-Good climax-Simple & light narration 

Negatives -:
1) Very Slow paced

2) Lagged first half. 

Verdict : ‘Ninnu Kori’ is a classic Movie for class and family audience – NOTHING NEW but definitely a NO REGRET WATCH 


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