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NTR Mahanayakudu Movie Review – DPVEU

Ntr mayanayakudu – A political tale of NTR With NTR kathanayakudu hitting the screens earlier in January of this year everyone were eagerly waiting for unfolding of ntr’s political life . Today with very low buzz it hit the screens showcasing the political regime of ntr. Lets go to pros and cons of film Pros: • Balakrishna’s fierce performance • Vidya balans emotional characterization • Art work & Elevating bgm from keeravani CONS: • Few facts are taken for granted • Makeup of Balakrishna looks odd at times • Couldn’t cover important aspects of NTR’s life Analysis : Overall ntr mayanayakudu is all about life of ntr after he came to the politics how he was throned betrayed and rose up again. Interval scenes were good but all knew the plot so it was bit difficult to krish to make it big. Balakrishna and vidya balan performance was top notch Art work needs a special mention here and This time Director krish succeeded in making good screenplay and better flick than previous one Overall NTR mayanayakudu film is aimed at few sector of people . Rating : 2.75/5FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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