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Oh Baby – Review || DPVEU ||

“Oh baby” – Samantha After a good gap Nandini Reddy directed oh baby starring Samantha,Rajendra prasad,Adivi Sesh. Analysis :- Story starts with a old women of 70s turning into 22 years. Rajendra prasad who knew this tries to explain others Story deals with about things that between baby & naga shourya what is past of baby and what she does with boon of retrieving her young age. Sam as expected was exceptionally well in her role & she pulls off her role with ease. Her scenes with rajendra prasad were well written and executed. There are small surprise for fans in the film. Actors played thier part. Though the theme & enacting is damn good the whole execution could get better,Lakshmi’s character can be still improved Music at bits annoys the audience,could be better. Pros:- • Samantha’s Show • Sam – Rajendra prasad combo Scenes • Novelity in story Cons:- • Music • Direction could get better On Ending note “ OH BABY “ is a good film to give a watch this weekend Rating:- 3/5FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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