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Our Take On Fidaa || DPVEU

Fidaa – it’s a hindi word but most used by telanganities.. nenu fidaa ayipoyina poo.. its like telling i am impressed. After watching fidaa every one will say malar memu neeku fidaa aipoyinamu po.. Coming to the movie, this is one the cleanest and best love stories that we have ever seen in the telugu films.. pattern may be similar to other flicks but the feel that is generated through this movie makes you nostalgic about our fathers , brothers or if you have any love relationship. Shekar kamula is known for providing feel good movies and definitely with this movie his fans will be fidaa over him.. screenplay and story telling was good. Malar, she is the lifeline to this movie, everyone will love her character and the way she handled it through out the film.. Malar again proved that only abhinayam matters and andam is always secondary asset to any actress. Varun tej already proved his mettal with his previous films but yet again he showed us why he is called as mega prince.. His character in simple NRI who is smart, generous, honest and little egocentric which brought swift between lead characters.. He has a nice physic, good smile and definetly a good actor.. He can be next goto actor to take mega legacy journey forword. Movie analysis:  First half is too good with some teasing scenes between lead charaters, malar one liners and few feel good scenes makes you stick to your seats.. Coming to second half, its mostly about hate and love story beteen varun and mallar. Comparing to firsr half , this part is little dragged, Music Is The Main Asset Fir The Movie. On a whole, fidaa is a classic feel good movie which will definitely tickle your emotions and brings smile on your faces you while leaving the theatres Our rating is 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. #HittuCinema #DPVEUFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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