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Our View/Explanation On Current Trending Game #Outlast2

We published an article regarding best games that any gamer shouldn’t miss which were underrated and out of all the games #Outlast2 was the latest one and many people enquiring us about the game and gameplay and we replied them with some Youtube videos which shows the game-play etc..and later many people who already completed the game and had some doubts regarding the story line and the ending texted us to explain if possible.So,we tried our best to explain the base line of the story and also the Ending.

Baseline of the story :

The bright light that crashes your helicopter and shows up before school visions is coming from a radio tower / microwave relay by the lake. It emits a strong microwave signal that controls people’s minds (this is explained via a document called “Old Traveler” found at the lake from one of the scientists). That’s why everyone has gone mad (except Ethan for some reason, the guy who protects you) The brainwashing experiment is part of Murkoff Corporation’s secret program. They are the same company from the first game that reopened Mount Massive Asylum under false flag to experiment on humans. In the above document you can see the scientist referencing a bet he had with “Jenny Roland”. He means Jennifer Roland, who is known from Outlast 1 to be Murkoff Corp’s Pathologist. This proves the connection to Murkoff and the MKULTRA mind control program. In the beginning you (Blake) are still somewhat sane. But as you get closer to the tower and spend more time in the area you lose your mind more and more, get hallucinations and weird dreams of early childhood because the microwave brainwashing signal gets stronger. Blake blames himself for Jessica’s death because he didn’t love her, didn’t protect her when she needed him (she was fooling around with him but Blake liked Lynn. He also left her alone with the bad teacher who assaulted her, even though she asked him to stay because she was scared). The demon that haunts you in the school visions is Father Loutermilch, the teacher who violently assaulted Jessica. This can be seen by the scar above his right eye – the demon has the exact same scar. The memory of this event haunts Blake to this day, That’s why he sees Father Loutermilch as a demon in his visions (because Loutermilch was the bad guy and ultimately the reason Jessica committed suicide). In the end the microwave signal has gotten so strong that they all just murdered each other (brainwashing experiment, possibly gone wrong). The document speaks of anomalies in the signal strength and mentions that the signal is particularly strong at certain spots. There’s also a mention of the “feedback loop” which causes affected people to do crazy things.


Blake finally loses his mind. The traumatic experiences and microwave brainwashing signals have broken him. He submits to the signal. It remains unknown what happened to the baby or if it was just an illusion to begin with. Maybe it’s just what Blake wanted to see. Before Lynn dies she says “there’s nothing there” which suggests there never was a child. She had been in the mines 800 feet below ground for most of the game, where the brainwashing signal might not be as strong. Blake and Knoth, however, were above ground most of the time and do see the child which could be a hallucination from long exposure to the microwave signal.

This is our view and our explanation on the #Outlast2 . The original theory may be a bit different but as per the game and many articles we one through,we arrived to this conclusion. And,As for the review of the Game : Outlast 2 carried the legacy the first part & Whistleblower created with a lot better Jump scare moments and thrill elements in abundance. Even in terms of story line and game phase it was better compared to it’s previous parts.

So,if you are searching for a best horror game without any second doubt Install #Outlast2 and just enjoy the game. #HappyGaming 

Article By : Surya 

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