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Pitta Kathalu Series Review – DPVEU

Pitta kathalu – review

Netflix’s first ever telugu original ane hype tho 4 young and dynamic directors on board ane expectations tho. Em act chestar ra ani anipinchukuna actors tho feb 19 th Netflix lo ki vachindi pittakathalu. Lets see the review


Pitta kathalu oka anthology ante multiple stories untay ana maata. Ee anthology lo 4 different stories by 4 different director’s unnay. Prathi story love- hate- betrayal ane concept chuttu tirugutundi. So story basic plot idhe kani they explored this in different themes like rural backdrop, scifi, aged relationships.


First ramula directed by tharun. Ee anthology motham lo kasta bagundi manchi treatment undi anipinchindi naku ramula episode okate. Indulo lead actors tho patu manchu laxmi kuda role ki apt ga perform chesaru. Tharun kuda tana style of mark ni unna limited time lo baaga chupinchadu.

Second one meera directed by nandhini reddy. First things first naku aithe ee story chusinatha sepu oka hollywood cinema impression gattiga unatu anipinchidi. Anthe kadu konni changes tappa basic plot almost similar ga untundi however again treatment of plot maripoyindi still you can have that fincher film vibes. Jaggu bhai performance tappa migilindi em peddaga impress cheyaledu.

Third x-life by nag ashwin. This story has some novelty in beginning kani as it progresses regular ga maripoy disappoint chestundi. Nag ashwin ki plot establishment chesi conclusion ivadaniki time saripoledu emo anipinchidi. However ee episode lo unna visuals and scifi feel is awesome

Fourth pinky by sankalp reddy. It has got ample of time when compared to previous three plots but didn’t made any impact. Satyadev eesha srinavas avasarala lanti cast waste ga poyindhe anipinchidi naku. It has got some good budget but it was purely unnecessary.


Music by vivek sagar
Ramula episode


Every episode cpuld have been better
Actors were wasted in thier roles
Over hype

Rating:- 1.75/5

Verdict :- Skip if possible if you still want something to kill the time then go for it.

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