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Rakshasudu – Movie Review || DPVEU

Rakshasudu – Movie Review The much awaited Ratsasan remake Rakshasudu starring Sai and anupama has hit screens Analysis:- Arun quits the trails of films and joins police dept where he gets involved in case of serial murder mystery of school girls. How Anupama and other crew are related to mystery forms the rest of story To start with Sai sreenivas got a good role to perform he was fit as cop and gave matured performance than his previous films. Anupama has only limited role to play. Rajeev kanakala excelled in emotional scenes once again Major plus point of film is gripping story and the way it is narrated but here in Telugu version it seems to be a dragged pre-climax. Director is successful in remaking the film and Ghibran BGM is the heart of the film Cinematography is good Pros:- • Story & screenplay • Sai sreenivas & Rajeev combo • Bgm Cons:- • Pre climax drag • Limited scope of Anupama might disappoint fans Verdict :- Terrifying Thriller, Good watch movie Rating:- 3/5FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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