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Rangde Movie Review – DPVEU

Nithin and Keerthi suresh pairedup under direction of venky atluri for the first time to deliver us Rangde. It has finally hit the screen today. Let’s see the review in DPVEU style…


Anu and arjun are child hood friends but are always like tom and jerry duo. They get married in the film and issues arise between them keeps troubling arjun for rest of the film. Things become even worst after anu getting pregnant. How does the couple handle the issues between them forms the rest of story.


Nithin and Keerthi were excellent in their roles. Nithin looks charming and pulls the role with ease just like his previous rom-com movies. His performance in preclimax and climax is worth mentioning.

Keerthi suresh had to wait for long-term to see a hit. It seems she got one in her bucket. Her performance was too good. She proved once again why she holds a national award as best actress.

Director venky atluri was impressive although he had same formula of love hate love, but he mixed emotions at right portions that kept film refreshing and appealing .

Dsp was good with his songs but would have been alot better. Some songs were good and choreography was decent. Prodcution values were rich.


Keerthi suresh stellar performance
Nithin performance in climax
Emotional drama works well


Plot can be improvised
Love Story between lead pair could be improved.

Final verdict:- A sure shot entertainer go for it if you are carving for such genres.

DPVEU Rating:- 3/5

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