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Best of #RGV in #FranklyWithTNR Interview.

Asalu RGV ante ne controversy ki creativity ki mudhu bidda ani cheppukovaali. And, Mana TNR garu almost adhe category and vallu iddaru kalisi  kurchni interview ante dhaani meedha expectations kooda aa range lo ne untundhi. And,Dhaaniki thagatte valla first first interview BLOCKBUSTER.So,vallu malli interview plan chesaaru ante vaati gurinchi aalochanalu and GUNS AND THIGHS aanti oka trailer taruvaata RGV asalu em maatladutaado ani chaala imaginations vesukunnam. And,Dhaaniki thagatte TNR garu konchem sensible questions adigithe vaatiki RGV thana style answers ichaaru. Ala ee interview lo konni best answers/topics.

Ivi maaku nachina best moments and comment ur’s. But among’em all best part ante HIS VIEWS ABOUT Digitalization of cinema & Short film makers and Short Film Content and The reach a better short film can get. 

Watch Complete interview here : #FranklyWithTNR#RGV Interview

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