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Ruler Movie Review – DPVEU

There are trolls coming up on Ballaya every now & then and ballaya is also busy giving scope-content for the trollers. The way Balayya believes in his directors is absolute nonsense. If he’s not gonna stop it, his market is going to reach the gutter. Cannot accept this, the decade is ending with such a pointless film. • Hopeless writing with too many unresolved conflicts in the plot. • K.S. Ravikumar’s outdated revenge, family drama which will end up as yet another disappointment for Balayya fans. • With some remarkable mass story and execution along with terrific fights , Balayya can do decent at box office but K.S. Ravi Kumar has failed miserably on that front. Last word -: You can avoid RULER even when it is streaming online for free.
Verdict :
Anchor Jhansi who plays the role of villager goes mad in the first of because of Villain’s torture , Director does the same to the audience in the second half !! DPVEU Rating 1.5/5
Disclaimer :
The above feelings of mine on the film purely goes through my Point Of View .. The same film might appeal totally different or completely opposite to another person. I here by request not to relay , depend on this individual opinion while taking a call whether ‘to watch’ or ‘not to watch’ the film.FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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